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UV Water Sterilizer
Low Flow Rate
Middle Flow Rate
High Flow Rate
Manual cleaning system
Auto cleaning system
UV Electronic Ballast
DC Power Supply UV ballast
Potted UV Ballast
Universal Voltage 21-200W Ballast
High Power Ballast 240-800W
Integrated Design UV Ballast
UV Lamp
UV Chamber
Ozone Generator
UV Sensor

Product List

4W UV water Disinfection for Domestic WaterFR-UV-JZ1 | 6W UV water Sterilizer for Home Drinking WaterFR-UV-JZ2 | 12W UV water System for Family UseFR-UV-JZ4 | 16W UV water System for Family UseFR-UV-JZ5 | 25W UV water Purifier for Family UseFR-UV-JZ7 | 32W UV LED Sterilizer for Drinking WaterFR-UV-JZ9 | 41W UV Water System for Small Flow RateFR-UV-JZ12 | 55W UV Lamps for water PurificationFR-UV-JZ27 | 87W UV Lamp PlantsFR-UV-JZ40 | 40GPM UV Light for Water SterilizingFR-UV-LB40 | 53GPM UV Disinfection Water TreatmentFR-UV-LB53 | 66GPM Cheaper Water Treatment from ChinaFR-UV-LB66 | 88GPM UV Equipment for Water TreatmentFR-UV-LB88 | 30T Industrial UV Sterilizer for FoodFR-UV-LS30 | 35T UV Water Sterilizer for Food and BeverageFR-UV-LS35 | 40T UV Water Disinfection for HotelFR-UV-LS40 | 50T UV Water System for Sea WaterFR-UV-LS50 | 60T CE Approval UV Water SterilizerFR-UV-LS60 | 80T CE Approval UV Water Sterilizer for Beer IndustryFR-UV-LS80 | 100T UV Water Sterilizer for Swimming PoolFR-UV-LS100 | 125T Swimming Pool water FilterFR-UV-LS125 | 150T UV Water Plant for AquacultureFR-UV-LS150 | 40GPM Stainless UV Sterilizers with Manual Cleaning SystemFR-UV-LB40/M | 88GPM Stainless UV Plant with Handworked Cleaning SystemFR-UV-LB88/M | 50T Filter UV with Auto Cleaning SystemFR-UV-LA50/A | 100T Ultraviolet Water Purification with Pneumatic Cleaning SystemFR-UV-LA100/A | 150T Ultraviolet Water Sterilization with Pneumatic Cleaning SystemFR-UV-LA150/A | 12V DC Power Supply UV Ballast for 4-8WPL15-180-10D12 | 12V DC Power Supply UV Ballast for 15WPL15-350-15D12 | 12V DC Power Supply UV Ballast for 10-17WPL15-425-18D12 | 24V DC UV Lamp Driver for 10-17WPL15-425-18D24 | 24V DC UV Lamp Driver for 4-8WPL15-180-10D24 | 12/24V DC UV Electronic BallastPH7-425-40D12 | 2x40W 425mA Potted UV Electronic BallastPH2-425-2/40U | 2x75W 800mA Potted UV Electronic BallastPH2-425-2/75U | 2x155W 800mA Potted UV Electronic BallastPL18-800-2/155 | 425mA Potted UV Electronic Ballast from China ManufacturePL1-425-90 | 95W Potted UV Electronic Ballast from China ManufacturePL1-800-100 | 21W Universal Voltage UV Electronic BallastPH11-425-2/21U | 75W 425mA UV Electronic BallastPH7-425-75U | 95W 800mA Ballast for UV LightPH7-800-95U | 105W Ultraviolet Ballast for Amalgam Vapour LampPH7-1200-105U | 155W China Good Quality UV Light BallastPH8-800-155 | 190W China Cheap Price UV Light BallastPH8-1200-190 | 150W UV Ballast Manufacture for UV LampPH8-1800-150 | 200W T6 UV Light Ballast for Amalgam UV LampPH8-2100-200 | 240W Bulb Driver for UV LampPH9-1800-240 | 320W Beasun Bulb Driver for UV LampPH9-2100-320 | 2x 320W UV Light BallastPH10-AL-2/320 | 400W 240V T8 Beasun UV StabilizerPH9-AL-400 | 500W T10 High Power Charmsstone UV Light BallastPH10-5500-500 | 800W T12 High Power UV Lamp BallastPH10-AL-800W | Combined Audio and Visual Alarming UV Ballast 10-40WPH5-425-40U | 10-17W UV Lamp Electronic Ballast with Integrated DesignPW3-425-18Y | 10-40W UV Lamp Ballast with TimerRH51-425-40N | 48-95W UV Light Ballast with LED Digital DisplayPH51-800-95L | 304 Stainless Steel UV ChamberFR-UV-JZ | 304 or 316L Stainless Steel UV BodyFR-UV-GS | 4-20mA Good Quality UV Sensor for UV Water SterilizerUVM3A | 0-5V UV Intensity for UV Water DisinfectionUVM3B | 800W UV Water Sterilizer Special For Ballast WaterFR-UV-BW | Lightsource UV Lamps from 4W to 800WGHO36T5L | Good Quality Ozone Generator made in ChinaFR-OZ- |


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